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When it comes to online bingo, you will soon realise that a lot of sites have similar promotions, games and even a very similar look.  This is because the bingo world is dominated by Networks; a string of sites belonging to one company that tend to share the games and promotions.  From Dragonfish to Ignite, Microgaming and United Bingo to Virtue Fusion Bingo and slots, there are a tonne of them and some are far more popular than others.  One of the biggest and best known is definitely he Virtue Fusion bingo sites – this tends to be the “powers that be” behind the biggest sites in the land! 

Online Bingo Sites

The Signs of a Virtue Fusion Bingo Site 

Unlike some other networked sites, the Virtue Fusion sites are actually very different and it is often hard to spot a site within the Virtue Fusion umbrella.  However, there are a few little things that most of these stellar sites have in common, and once you come to identify them you will soon be able to play at all the very best sites powered by this bingo network, because trust us – these will most likely become your fave sites! 

  • The Bingo Games – Unlike other bingo sites, Virtue Fusion bingo has far more to offer than the standard 90 and 75 ball games!  They always have 80 ball bingo and they also created the terrific Deal or No Deal Bingo, Lucky Numbers Bingo and Joker Jackpot – if a bingo site offers theses, then you can guarantee that it is a Virtue Fusion site!
  • The Slot Games – the easiest way to spot if a bingo site belongs to the Virtue Fusion network is their slot games as they all feature the very same ones.  These are slots like Zodiac Supernova, Lucky Ladies 88, Big Top Tombola, George And The Dragon and even the massively popular Clover Rollover. Recognise these upon a glance and you will soon easily recognise a Virtue Fusion bingo site.
  • Daily Bingo Linx Games – again, unlike a lot of other sites within networks, Virtue Fusion bingo sites don’t tend to have the exact same promotions but they do have some networked games.  One of the most famous that play across each and every site within the Virtue Fusion network is the Daily Bingo Linx games.  Not only will this help you recognise the Virtue Fusion sites, it also means that you are able to join in and grab a possible £8K every day, which is a bonus! 
  • The Welcome Bonus – typically, Virtue Fusion slots sites have absolutely fantastic welcome bonuses and though a few of them do have standard 200% treats, most of them offer some of the biggest in the industry!

New Virtue Fusion Slots Sites  

Bet365Though of course Virtue Fusion do release brand new sites, they tend to stick with what they have.  The biggest and best known sites are the ones that already exist, like Bet365 slots, but they have recently gone against their own grain and released 2 brand spanking new Virtue Fusion slots sites in the last year alone. Hopefully this is an indication of what is still to come, with more and more new Virtue Fusion slots sites hitting world! 

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