Finding The Best Online Casinos

Enjoying your online gaming experience hinges on finding the best online casino. This can be more difficult than it sounds as there are literally hundreds of casinos looking for your custom, and each of them will promote itself as a top online casino. 


In the following guide to finding the best online casino, we provide some useful hints on finding a top online casino that will provide value and hours of gaming fun: 

  1. Casino Site Location

There’s a world of difference between a casino run out of somebody’s backyard in Uzbekistan and a casino run by a top UK or Canadian set such as https://www.canadacasinoslots.com/best-online-casino-canada/ . For a start the latter is regulated, which means its software is regularly audited and it is required to publish its payout percentages. Casinos that are not registered by reputable online gaming brands can, and often do, make off with your money once you have been hooked by the promise of a spectacular bonus payout. 

Stick with well known betting brands like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bet365, Paddy Power and Betfred to ensure that you deal with a reputable company that is easily contactable and is held accountable for its actions by a regulatory body. 

  1. Beware the Bonus Bonanza

Let’s face it, the reason you’re probably sitting on this page is because you’ve been promised a massive first depositors bonus by an online casino. If that’s why you’re here, you’ve done the right thing. Understanding how casino bonuses work and what various online casinos have to offer is a great way to make extra betting money and avoid feeling like you’ve been swindled by your online casino. 

The vast majority of online casinos require you to jump through a few hoops to claim your casino bonus. It is never as simple as making a deposit and instantly earning your casino bonus. You will usually have to play through the value of your deposit several dozen times to release your bonus funds, and often these can’t be cashed but can only be used for your attempts to grow your casino balance beyond the bonus amount.  


A good online casino will have a reasonable play-through requirement, will not hide more hoops in its small print and will allow you to cash your bonus funds the moment you’ve cleared the last hoop. Ladbrokes is the standout online casino in this regard, offering a low play-through requirement, a cashable bonus and the option to meet your play-through requirement by playing skill table and card games. 

  1. The Software Sword

Good software is a double-edged sword. The best online casinos will often have excellent software, but excellent software is by no means a guarantee that you’re in for a top online casino experience. The majority of online casinos operate off software provided by the major gaming software companies – Playtech, Microgaming, Boss Media and Wagerworks. The software is therefore no indication of the quality of customer care, payout percentages or bonuses you can expect from your casino. 

On the other hand, a company running software by one of the providers mentioned above is more likely to offer secure transactions, decent speed of play and customer-care services than a casino run off home-made software. We recommend Microgaming casinos, which include two of the best know and most reputable online casinos – Ladbrokes and the 32Red Casino. 

Find Out More About Top Online Casinos 

Keeping these basic tips in mind can do much to help you select the best online casinos. However, testing each online casino in search of a top online casino can become exhausting and expensive.  

Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you already. Visit our casino bonuses and reviews page to read in-depth reviews for the web’s top casinos, and find out what the best online casinos are offering in terms of bonuses and promotions. 

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